Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Changes for the New Year!

I've been working on my totally new blog design.... yah I'm crazy since I just changed it, but the reasoning behind the new look + new name: There is someone else I found in New York that has the name All of the Little Details and since I'm obsessed with Ball Mason Jars or any type of Mason Jar I figured why not make that the name of my little biz. If you remember my last design, I thought the watercolor design with the cool font and crown was fun and girlie but didn't exactly represent what I'm trying to portray which is DIY, artsy, rustic, and a handmade focus. I would love to open up an actual studio space where I can share all of my talents with the public, but as of now I'm just working on re-branding and having fun too. Thanks to The Ink Nest for the mason jar logo and social icons! Plus I still love Dana Fox's designs which is where my last blog template was from: http://envye.com/

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Go Green!

You can choose an eco-friendly approach to your weddings or events. There are so many fun and unique ideas out there for designing a wonderful wedding or event, while still being organic and beautiful. It can be a little or a lot, because every aspect of your event can be greener. A green event doesn't have to mean compromising your dream or having no style!! Look for the little green leaves on the {Real Wedding} posts to see how each couple was "green".
I love to reuse, recycle, and repurpose items, so when a client is Eco-friendly too we can come up with beautiful crafty ideas that create less waste. For instance creating guest favors out of recycled  tin cans and wrapping them with extra invitations then filling them  with ivy plants, or maybe used the recycled tin cans for vases to put  flowers in, I also love the look of recycling glass jars filled with water and floating candles, or using old  Scrabble pieces from your childhood game. There are many eco-chic, DIY ideas out there, you just have to figure out which is best for you and your style.
Does my event need to be 100% green? That is up to you! It can be a little or a lot, because every aspect of your event can be greener. Each one of the 2.5 million weddings this year in the United States will produce an average of 62 tons of carbon dioxide and 400-600 lbs of garbage. That's a lot of waste! If every engaged couple made just one small green choice, which would be 2.5 million greener choices a year and that is an amazing impact. According to the Green Bride Guide's research.

☛ Support local companies for your guest favors or welcome baskets

☛ Support Etsy vendors, the world's most vibrant handmade marketplace – ask me about my list of unique wedding artists including: refurbished ties and bow ties, cake toppers, banners, accessories, and more

☛ Donate your flowers

☛ Hire local recycling company

☛ Don’t give guests favors, instead donate the money to your charity of choice:https://www.idofoundation.org
Susan G. Komen for the Cure®

☛ Green favors – small plants if they live locally or infused seed favors that can be planted, biodegradable confetti, 100% latex balloons that are biodegradable vs. plastic balloons (bad for the ocean & ocean animals), canvas totes, bamboo, organic chocolate, and I have more!

☛ Have your ceremony and reception at the same location to cut on transportation

☛ Choose a Green Certified Reception or Botanical Garden

☛ Use Eco-friendly invitations, or just have the save-the-dates be a post card to cut on postage and paper

☛ Choose an organic caterer

☛ Choose an Eco-friendly florist

☛ Have Eco-friendly gift registry items: even Target has great Eco-friendly options now or shop these online stores: http://www.plateswithpurpose.com or http://www.dwellsmart.comor http://www.branchhome.com

☛ Use horse drawn carriages or pedi cabs to move your bridal party from one location to the next, if near by.

So what GREEN choices will you make for your wedding? Check out these great green companies to support
(If you know of other great eco-friendly companies let me know!)

No Impact Bride is dedicated to promoting ethical and Eco-friendly weddings.

Eco-Beautiful Weddings is the first and only quarterly online magazine and daily blog dedicated to eco-friendly weddings.

Being ecofabulous means celebrating high style with low impact. It’s about beautiful items and experiences that don’t compromise. They’re obsessed with well-designed products. Yet their definition of beauty doesn’t leave room for things that make you – or the planet – sick.

Eco and Elsie focusing on pretty things, wedding things, healthy things, fashion-y things, etc... that all bring a bit of eco-friendly joy to the earth and those who live here.

Green America is a not-for-profit membership organization founded in 1982. (We went by the name “Co-op America” until January 1, 2009.) Their mission is to harness economic power—the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace—to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.

Practically Green provides simple and useful tools for healthy and green living.

The Green Bride Guide has everything you need to plan a green wedding! Here you can find pictures from real green weddings, articles and advice on eco-chic decor, and a wide range of including: organic bedding, Recycled Glass Dishes, and eco-friendly appliances.

Helping you figure out the answer to the nightly question: “What’s for dinner?” Search recipes, create shopping lists & meal planners, and share recipes with your friends on DinnerTool.com!

Blog to share the love for gorgeous photography, pretty dresses, vintage details, graphic finds, and other ideas to inspire couples planning their weddings.

Ecycler brings together people giving away recyclables and those interested in collecting them. One person actually collected wine bottles and used them for table numbers at her wedding reception on each table!!

Blog resource guide for others wanting to make a statement about their love for green weddings.

Greener Photography, a non-profit organization, actively seeks to mitigate the environmental impact of the photography industry by educating photographers, suppliers and the general public about the benefits of going green.

The best organic food is what's grown closest to you. Use our website to find farmers' markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area, where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other goodies.

America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia was established in 1981 as a locally inspired, volunteer-driven non profit food bank. Our community-building organization serves twenty-one counties in southeastern Georgia with the mission of feeding hungry people and strengthening communities.

More than 300 non profit organizations in our area work in partnership with the food bank to distribute food to families in need throughout Coastal Georgia. In 2009, our food bank secured and distributed more than 7.1 million pounds of food and grocery products through our programs and our collaboration of partner agencies. The efficiency of our organization in serving as the warehouse and distribution center of food and grocery products is realized in a savings of $10 million wholesale annually by our by member agencies for their feeding programs. The food bank’s cost effectiveness sustains our partners’ ability to provide shelter, medical supplies, day care, transportation and other necessities for people who are at-risk.

Thrive offers a refreshing menu for all your special events. They use the freshest ingredients of as many local and organic ingredients as possible. Convenient, healthy and gourmet! Located on Whitemarsh Island, Thrive offers a variety of dishes for gluten-free, lactose free, low-fat, vegan and vegetarian diets on a daily basis.

At Cha Bella they bring a new and exciting culinary standard to Savannah. Their emphasis is on consistently delicious, organic, and seasonal fare served in a fun and innovative space.

WellFED is a new breed of food-and-dining magazine, seeking to redefine what such a publication is capable of. Our content spans everything from the garden to the plate, organized under the catchphrase, “Feed.Eat.Drink”:
“Feed”, encompasses topics related to the act of providing for and preparing sustenance, as well as making informed decisions on how to do it. “Eat”, is all about the thing we love to do and where to do it. The monthly dining guide is the prominent feature of this section, and will become the standard go-to resource for locals and tourists alike when making their dining decisions. “Drink”, tops off the magazine by further expanding the guide to cover the local bars and nightlife, as well as cover topics related to entertaining at home and further enjoying one of Savannah’s most convivial past times.

Since 2009 the city of Savannah has provided curbside recycling for most of its residents but the need for commercial recycling is steadily growing. Footprint Savannah recognizes this need and has developed a friendly and affordable service to collect a variety of materials from Restaurants & Bars, Hotels & Hospitality, Offices, receptions & special events, and golf courses.

At Green Field Paper, we are all about the paper- tree free paper . We offer both handmade paper and machine made hemp paper. It is our fine tactile Seed Embedded Paper  (embedded with wildflower seeds) that we are known for throughout the world.

We are paper junkies. For real. If you’re in Charleston, SC give me a call and we can play with paper together! 843.606.0890 or sarah@dodelinedesign.com

Eco-friendly wedding and event invitations. They try to keep prices fair, the help ridiculously friendly, and the process easy peasy. They have a lot of love for nature and our commitment to the environment goes past just using recycled paper.

Emily Ley is committed to environmentally friendly practices. All materials are recycled and all paper scraps are reused or recycled as well.

Ormolu paper goods: "In 2009 I adapted a green philosophy and began using only recycled papers and implemented soy ink and wind power to create my products. The products I design for my line have a tendency to the cross the lines of stationery and scrapbooking, as I have a deep love for the vast world of paper. Often people ask why I chose the word Ormolu. My initial planning stages of this adventure took place in a history of interior design class. Ormolu is an interior design term meaning an object is gilded with gold. I was fond of the sound and how it reminded me of my Mema (that's my grandmother) and her affection for beautiful things".

One of the many things we love about letterpress is the opportunity to deliver a green product to our clients. From start to finish, we’ve chosen to reduce our carbon footprint by taking steps to simplify our methods and materials. We stock 100% cotton rag paper, print with soy or rubber based inks, clean with citrus-based solvents, package with post-consumer waste materials, and power our press with good old human energy. All our polymer plates, scrap paper, and cleaning rags are reused or recycled. We support like-minded businesses and purchase supplies made in the USA as much as possible.

At Paperless Post, they seek to redefine the tradition of paper stationery so that people can send custom, personalized invitations and announcements with the same thought and care as previous generations, but the way we communicate today: online.

Business cards, mini cards, and post cards made of thick 100% recycled stock. MiniCards and Business Cards arrive in a FREE MOO case. They’re recyclable and made of recycled pulp board. They make perfect table place holders – and MiniCards personalised with the faces of her guests makes everyone feel special (they make great ice breakers too). - Postcards as Save-the-Date Cards? -Greeting Cards as Thank You Cards? – A MiniCard Mosaic Frame to display your wedding photos?

Nourish has three retail stores where they sell a wonderful selection of bath products, as well as the many varieties of bar soap that are made by hand. All of their products are still created by hand with health and wellbeing in mind. They have operated as a green company since the 1990′s, providing environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable products that are good for our bodies and the earth. They make recycling a priority and invest in every effort to minimize the environmental impact of our daily routine. They only package in recyclable, reusable and/or biodegradable containers. As always, Nourish products contain: no parabens, no sodium lauryl sulphate or sodium laureth sulfate, no animal products, no petroleum, no harsh detergents, no mineral oil.

NOW OPEN in Coligny Plaza on Hilton Head Island, SC
Ahh Green Spa specializes in affordable massage, facials and bodywork using organic, eco-friendly products.
Brad has been a massage therapist for over 10 years. He’s wanted his own spa since I met him 5 years ago. This year opportunity knocked and we answered!
We have a great team of experienced massage therapists and estheticians to help you on your way to feeling AHHmazing!

Did you know that Party City has a whole eco-friendly section!!?? Go green at your party with Eco-friendly party items made with 100% recycled paper and 35% post-consumer content water-based ink.

Since 2007, LetsGoGreen.biz has been a one-stop web superstore selling eco-friendly green products for every home, office or business. We’ll help you live a greener lifestyle and reduce your carbon footprint through the products you use on a regular basis. Our goal is to offer products we all use every day at home and at work that can be replaced with those that are kinder and gentler on the environment.

DwellSmart’s mission is to help protect and improve the health of individuals and the environment. At DwellSmart, we strive to minimize our environmental impact. All of our products meet one or more of our core criteria:
Sustain - products made from rapidly renewable or abundant materials that avoid the use of finite resources; products made with low impact materials that are extracted or produced using organic, natural methods
Protect - products that promote health, purify air and water in homes, or serve as non-toxic alternatives to conventional products
Conserve - products that promote efficiency and lower the consumption of energy, water, or natural resources
Reduce - products that reduce the consumption of resources by promoting reuse, minimizing the use of disposables, and/or using recycled materials
Share - products made by manufacturers that abide by fair trade principles and show commitment to community service

Our thoughtful collection of organic and eco-friendly wedding favors offers stunning style while safeguarding the planet, a beautiful way to start a marriage. Incorporating recycled components, renewable resources, biodegradable papers, and organic ingredients, these eco-friendly wedding favors are a wonderful way to reduce your carbon footprint and foster planet-conscious thinking at your wedding or engagement party. Your guests will appreciate your efforts to celebrate your wedding while making an important difference.

Check out Blossom Planting Supplies Inc, it is a family owned and run business. They strive to “go green” by using only reclaimed and sustainable woods in order to create beautiful products. Wood is from South Pacific Islands and are collected ONLY from hurricane or naturally felled trees Great idea for wedding registry or centerpieces!

Favor Creative is an eco-friendly favors and event stationery site, dedicated to the details and inspirations that make an event beautiful and memorable.

Xoelle makes handmade bow ties repurposed from vintage neckties and button down shirts & rad recycled book journals.

Rejenerate’s creations are handmade using only vintage, salvaged and recycled fabrics. So you can be gorgeous, unique AND green.

Love June creates unique wedding gowns for the bride and elegant dresses for her entourage. Utilizing every inch of fabric, we’ve developed a signature pattern making method that leaves virtually no waste from production…so none of that pretty material ends up in the garbage!

Eco-friendly designer wedding gowns. The dresses are handcrafted with love in the United States, and 5% of profits are donated to environmental causes. Morgan uses sustainable fabrics and strives to apply green and socially responsible principles to all aspects of her business. Her designs are elegant, beautiful, luxurious and Green!

Recycled Bride is a free marketplace for eco-savvy brides and their friends. Members recycle everything from designer wedding gowns to table decorations, bridesmaids dresses, shoes, and even wedding gifts. If you have ever been part of a wedding, or plan to be, buying and selling on Recycled Bride helps minimize your carbon footprint and maximize your budget.

Little Borrowed Dress offers beautifully designed and constructed bridesmaid dresses at an affordable price within a simple rental framework.

SmartBride Boutique helps today’s savvy brides create the wedding day of their dreams without sacrificing designer names or fabulous style. Local brides connect to buy, sell and save on everything wedding; including: wedding dresses, bridesmaid gowns, decor, accessories and more.

Beautiful Sweets, based in Littleton, Colorado, is an earth-friendly and socially responsible gourmet food company that is committed to not only creating the most delicious organic baked goods possible, but also the most beautiful!  Our specialty is in the creation of colorful, all-natural sugar cookies; each one individually hand-baked and exquisitely decorated.

The BRELLI is a 100% biodegradble umbrella. It is made from bamboo (a sustainable renewable resource) and features a unique biodegradable clear plastic canopy, which makes the BRELLI the perfect luxury earth friendly umbrella.  The BRELLI’S transparent canopy provides superior protection from the elements, which includes 99% UVA/UVB/UVC protection from the sun


Friday, October 25, 2013

{Inspiration Board} Kelly Clarkson Inspired Wedding

**** UPDATE ****
YAY! So happy for Kelly! She ended up doing an intimate elopement and here is their wedding video. I totally called the bohemian style and wildflower style bouquet with a little bling bling somewhere, check out her gorgeous hair piece!
I'm very excited and pretty much spent my whole morning creating this inspiration board!! Kelly Clarkson got engaged to talent manager Brandon Blackstock in December and the couple is now planning their wedding, which Kelly said will be an "earthy" outdoor event in the fall. Sounds like a wedding I would love to help plan!! Call me Kelly, I LOVE YOU! She gave a few little details describing what she wants for her wedding including walking barefoot down the aisle, having no bridesmaids, and her dress will be rock and roll. Kelly Clarkson was the winner of the first season of American Idol in 2002, born in Texas and one of the best singer songwriter out there!
Here is my inspiration board, enjoy!
One of Kelly's charities she lists on her page that she supports is HOUSES OF HOPE which exists to build, staff, equip, and support orphan homes in order that they can become self-sustainable environments. Houses of Hope provides what we agree should be available to every child: a loving home, clothing, food and someone to care for them. Instead of giving away wedding favors you can give that money to your charity of choice and let your guests know with these fun ideas:
I'm pretty obsessed with Kelly's new songs!! Have a listen.
If you missed my Jennifer Aniston & Natalie Portman wedding posts make sure you check them out too! 
I love making these boards :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy Anniversary

Happy 4 Year Anniversary to my husband, Christopher and I! I have created a nice post to share what we've been through together for the past four years. These pictures go from current to past. We recently moved up to the North Country of New York pretty much in Canada to where Chris is from and his family is. I grew up in Massachusetts but we've been living in Savannah, GA for about 5 years so going back to the cold was a huge shock for me. In this first picture you'll see the -3 degree weather in my car thermometer and that was normal for winter!! It was -25 for a few days - OMG! COLD!! We live in farm country and the fields look so pretty with the snow, fog and clouds. There are a lot of barns here and I'm determined to start taking more pictures of them since I have a new Nikon D3200! It's now summer, the fields have hay and corn growing, and it's much warmer. 
In order to get up to New York where we live we rented a Uhaul and packed up our house, then I drove behind Chris and his father (who took turns driving the truck) in our car with our 2 cats, dog and my mother since she lives with us. When I needed to sleep Chris would drive the car and we did this INSANE driving rotation and drove straight thru! 
We used walkie-talkies - I had too much fun using them :)
For our 3rd anniversary we went to eat at Garibaldi's one of the best Savannah restaurants in my opinion!
For our 2nd Anniversary we ate at The Olde Pink House also a super restaurant in Savannah, GA.
Below is the picture of us when Chris came home from his 12 month deployment and they arrived sometime around 3:30am or something crazy like that. I didn't care or sleep cuz I was SOOOOOOOO HAPPY TO HAVE HIM BACK!!
For our R.&R. we chose to go to Asheville, NC and stayed in an adorable cabin in Brevard, NC. Since we didn't have a honeymoon after our wedding this served as our much waited for honeymoon. So amazing! This picture below is us at the Biltmore.
Can you tell Chris was a little tired in the picture below after his long journey to get home for our R.&.R. which was 9 months into his 12 month deployment. 
 This is one of my favorite pictures of us from our wedding! July 2nd, 2009 
To read more about our wedding see my post here.
The last 2 photos are from our weekend at Amelia Island, FL where Chris proposed! We stayed at a really nice Bed and Breakfast Elizabeth Pointe Lodge then had a gourmet dinner at a French Restaurant that I would highly recommend called Le Clos. Can you tell we like to EAT FANCY FOOD for special events!!?
My ring is an antique that belonged to my mother's grandmother, so my Great Grandmother, who fled Germany during WWII and it was passed down to me. 
And there you have it!! Did you make it all the way down to the end of my looooong post about our love story? Chris is a wonderful person. He has such a huge heart, he cooks amazing, and his family has welcomed me into their lovely arms. Here's hoping for 40 more years of marriage!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Military Story

Hello followers, all 10 of you, ok maybe there are more of you out there...... ever since I moved up North and putting my efforts in finding a part-time job and keeping up my other blog, A Military Story, I have not had time to put the amount of effort I used to do for this blog. I will try to add posts when I am really inspired with something to share, but there are TONS AND TONS of fabulous posts on here for you to look back on.....sigh, this is so hard, but I really want to put all my energy online to A Military StoryA Military Story is a fully focused military blog that shares photos from military couple engagements, weddings, deployments, homecomings, and more. This blog not only shares beautiful military photos and the stories behind these photos, but it also inspires, educates and informs. You will find military customs and resources on the INFO page.

I’m really excited and honored when military clients want to be published on my blog. In fact I've received many kind words of how they love the vision of A Military Story they relate to the stories, or they get great inspiration from the photography. It’s important to me to support the military community as I too married into the military and experience the emotional heartache of a 12 month deployment. I had so much support during that long separation and feel connected to those who may be going through a long distance relationship. That’s why I started this blog in part to give back to the military community, as well as, provide stories and support to bring us together.

I’m so thrilled by the continuous support I have received since starting this blog. What surprised me the most is how enthusiastic my supporters are including my friends, family, and strangers from across the country! Whether you are a military girlfriend, wife, mom, aunt, sister, husband, cousin or a soldier yourself, I want you to find inspiration & community here on A Military Story. I want to thank y'all for following along and make sure you share A Military Story with your friends and family. http://www.amilitarystory.com

Friday, April 26, 2013

{Pin it Friday} Ceremony in the Round

Yah, I know it's Thurday but I'm going to New Hampshire to visit with my high school girl friends!! YAY!! Since I'll be away all weekend so I posted this early. Also check out this other Ceremony in the Round that was in the woods that I shared before here: http://www.allthelittledetailsdesigns.com/2011/09/pin-it-friday-ceremony-in-round.html

Monday, April 15, 2013


Updated Re-post - Grey is my new color obsession and I want to buy paper straws, cupcakes flags, washi tape and everything GREY! I love lime green too, and brown and of course pink, but today this post is all about grey. So you may have noticed my new blog look, I've been super jealous of all the blogs that I follow that have gone thru rebrands and I needed something fun and fresh, so when I saw the template on Wonder Forest design site and it was affordable, I took the leap and bought it. Have a look at her nice blogger templates here www.envye.com .  The logo font is modern with a fun girly twist to get this font check out Only You and crown that comes with the Only You ornaments is so adorable! I tried to illustrate my personality into this logo since I am modern, girly and didn't feel like the other look really personified my creative love for painting, watercolor, and feminine flair. Plus the title describes me since I am obsessed with the little details. I have always noticed details, but usually not the details that other people see. What do you think of my new look??? I'm also doing some secret stuff over on my other blog A Military Story, but more on that later!! Well enough about me, here is my wish list of everything grey. 

Awwwwww when I searched the word grey these elephants came up in the image feed, so I HAD to include them. 
Elephants are so loving and majestic! 

sources: lemonade and grey strawspink lemonade with grey straws, washi tape, cupcake flags, escort cardsPotter and Butler etsy store, elephant love, grey striped diy painting, grey stripe straws photography, kids room stripes, grey striped table linens for wedding, west elm shower curtain, twinery twine, grey pennants, white on greyweddings unveiled magazine coverelefante

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dream House

Ever since my husband and I moved up north to our little cottage, we have been daydreaming about our dream house which we hope to eventually have. At this moment and for a little while we will be living here in our rental until we are able to build a new home and first to have enough money to buy the perfect plot of land. 

So it's no surprise to those who know me that I love interior decorating, architecture, and barns. I usually post about wedding things here, but I had to do a post about dream homes since my friend Lisa just shared this AMAZING LowCountry house that is for sale!! Oh my gosh I watched the entire video and just love love love this house:   http://www.lowcountryonvideo.com//web/tour/show/video/branded/2214 Lisa is a good friend of mine from down south and she works for this company LowCountry On Video and helps to photograph these gorgeous homes that are for sale. She also has a fun blog that you should check out here: Best Kept Secrets of the LowCountry.

I really miss Savannah, it's architecture, history and of course the warm weather!! So when I saw this post on Style Me Pretty - Living it allowed me to daydream a little more and remember this great city. Here are 4 of my favorite photos from that post, but you should read the whole post too. 

Now onto our dream house!! I hate having such a small sink and would love a big farmhouse deep sink like these two. We have 6 black painted wooden chairs and I thought it would be different if our dining room had black crown molding and black painted trim. We also have a lot of photos and I would like to create a few photo walls within our dream house. I love these ideas on how to create collages with your photos in various arrangements. Then there is my office space, which currently is way over crowded right now and I so wish our new house had a larger space for all my stuff!! My hubby wants to have a really really big garage for working on cars so we have agreed that I get to have a big studio office space in this BIG separate garage. Below are a few ideas of how I would set up my space with lots of storage space and a giant wall to pin my ideas on. Lastly, I am obsessed with post and beam style inside house architecture and really wish we would have this look. That's all for now, but make sure you watch that video, the house is beautiful!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Why hire a wedding planner?

Planning a wedding is a HUGE undertaking. It requires countless hours of research, emails and meetings plus a good amount of money! A planner looks out for your needs and is constantly making sure that everyone is where they should be and things are running according to schedule. Here are 6 reasons you should hire a wedding planner, if you want to read the full post please click on the link at the bottom of the this post since I paraphrased it. Very well written by Nicole of Green Ribbon Party Planning Co 
1.) You want your family and friends to enjoy the day with you
Often your friends and family will volunteer to help you with the planning process and with the day of duties. However when their excitement wears off, sometimes they are nowhere to be found. Even if they are very well-meaning, they often don’t have the experience to know what they are looking at when reviewing contracts and they don’t have vendor relationships. A planner gets paid to make sure your day is perfect and handle any hiccups so you can remain happy and stress-free. 

2.) Venue site managers work for the site and not for you
Some couples think they don’t need a planner because the venue has a site manager. That could not be farther from the truth. The site manager is employed by the venue and that is their main priority. They do not know all of the details of your design and often don’t even stay for the whole night. They tend to stay through the ceremony and then leave the banquet captain in charge. You need someone who is acting on your behalf, grabbing your gifts, making decisions for you and coordinating your vendors so you don't have to. 

3.) You care about your budget no matter what it is
No matter if you have a modest budget or an unlimited one, a planner will help you find vendors, within that budget, who can best suit your vision. 

4.) You have a design vision or you don’t
Whether you know exactly what you want or you have no idea, a planner can help you either bring your dream to life or cull all of your ideas into one singular design theme. In the age of pinterest and countless wedding blogs, brides can often be overwhelmed by all of the choices before them. Sometimes there is almost too much to look at and decisive brides suddenly can't make a decision. A planner can act as a reassuring voice, validating decisions and suggesting new ideas. 
5.) You need a mediator
Sometimes, families don’t all see eye-to-eye on what should happen on the wedding day. There are lots of opinions, especially where money and tradition are involved. It is good to have someone who can provide an expert opinion on wedding-related issues and serve as a neutral third party

6.) You would like a happy and stress-free wedding day
Things go wrong on wedding days, people get lost or show up late, things don’t get set-up where they are supposed to, food service can be slow and with no one to regulate these mistakes and stay on top of things, you might have an unhappy experience. Many times a couple will never even know anything was amiss on their day and that’s because a planner has solved the problem before anyone even realized something had gone wrong. 

Read the full post please click here: http://www.ohlovelyday.com/2012/10/planning-tips-6-reasons-why-you-need-a-wedding-planner.html

The two photos I chose were both from weddings that were examples of #6 Things go wrong on wedding days and without a wedding planner to help, brides may loose their minds. Granted it's stressful and something will happen on your wedding day, so having family, friends, and your wedding planner to help deal with whatever goes wrong is so worth it! You just have to allow everyone to help you make your day as happy as can be, remember why you're marrying this wonderful man and don't sweat the small stuff...... let the wedding planner sweat, and boy oh boy, I'm always a sweaty mess and emotionally exhausted after weddings, but its soooooo worth it -- Layla

Friday, March 22, 2013

Adirondack Inspired Weddings

I'm super excited to be visiting my family this weekend for my cousin's baby's 1st birthday!!! Even though it's a 6 hour drive (see map) it's a lot better then driving from Savannah, GA to Boston, MA. Well, it's still snowy and cold here in the Adirondacks so I've put together another one of my Adirondack Inspired Weddings post and if you missed my other ones click here and here and here. But believe me, I'm so ready to start doing spring inspiration boards!